Hello there, meet Fizzy!

Luuno is happy to introduce: Fizzy the Robotic Ball

Fizzy has a mind of its own and wants to play with you! Fizzy tries to draw your attention. When you get too close, Fizzy runs away. and if you catch it, Fizzy tries to escape. And when you get tired, Fizzy will snuggle up for a nap.

Fizzy stimulates the imaginative free play of young children, and helps them play actively for better health.

Fizzy was especially developed for young children with chronic diseases, with a focus on children with cancer. We support them by keeping these children actively playing, to keep them as strong as possible during treatment, especially when they are, for example, in the isolation room in the hospital. In collaboration with paediatric physiotherapists, we have hidden exercises in Fizzy’s behaviour to stimulate healthy active play and movement that supports these (and all) young children’s growth and development.

But more importantly, we want to create moments where these children can be children again and feel less like a patient.

We believe that all children should be able to play freely, move freely.

– Luuno

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– Chiwei Luu

We are always willing to speak to experts and wizards that want to help out and are into:

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